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Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Health (JCNH)

Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Health: Editor’s Note



Shanmugiah Arumugam1,*

Department of Psychiatry, Govt. Coimbatore Medical College, Tamilnadu, India

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Corresponding Authors

Shanmugiah Arumugam,
E-mail: shanmugiah_dr@hotmail.com

Received : November 16, 2020
Published : November 30, 2020


Arumugam S. “Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Health: Editor’s Note. J Clin Nutr Heal (2020): 1; 001-001


A Journal's aim is to disseminate the theoretical and Clinical knowledge pertaining to the title of the journal and also the concept the journal is trying to accomplish. The scope is how the journal will accomplish this. Pragma began its journey with a realistic approach to promote interdisciplinary research through open access journals and international scientific conferences. Its main motto is to promote interdisciplinary research on pure and applied sciences by focusing on Clinical, Medical, Technological, and Life Sciences on open access platform. Online Visibility or Article-Level Publicity all this is involved while publishing an article.

It is remarkable that the journal has gained tremendous recognition during a short span. Originated in 2020, carries a good number of articles and quality Editors who are expertise in this field. I hope they will continue to share their knowledge with us.

I am delighted to be a part of JCNH (Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Health) which is an open access and uses double blinded peer review process which is a valuable source of information for scholars, researchers, professionals, and students, providing in-depth perspectives on intriguing contemporary topics with an ethos of openness, we are passionate about working with the global academic community to promote open scholarly research to the world. I am pleased to announce that, the journal is releasing its Volume 1 Issue 1 in December.

The major goal of JCNH is to publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers along relevant and insightful reviews pertaining to the core concepts and current trends in the area of nutrition. The Journal aims to flourish and to maintain the standards in Health, Food, Vitamin, Diet including aspects of Animal nutrition, Molecular nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Plant nutrition and practices, providing an excellent platform and opportunity to present evidence based research, reviews, opinions, commentaries, case studies that probably are much in deed for students, professors, and aspiring researchers.

During the year 2020, Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Health (JCNH) received Good number of articles in a shot span of time and articles are under peer review process and few have been already published. I anticipate to all the Editors, reviewers and the coordinating members for unrelenting support further to release more issues for Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Health (JCNH) in scheduled time.

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