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Journal of Neurology and Brain Research (JNBR)

The Science of Divinity: Part III Immersive Neuroscience, Multiversal neuroscience and Neuroeconomics



A. K. Mukhopadhyay

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

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Corresponding Authors

A. K. Mukhopadhyay
Email :mukhoak1953@gmail.com
Received : December 15, 2020
Published : December 31, 2020


The foundational framework of divinity could be studied objectively that might help in guiding the pathway for its subjective experience. The pursuit of such science has implications in behavioral neuroscience. On pursuit of such science of divinity, we are led to the roots of immersive neuroscience, multiversal neuroscience and ontologically-reversed neuroscience. This also brings the fountainhead of multiversal neuroeconomics in sharp focus for the space time world.



In continuation of formulation [1, 2] on the science of divinity, this paper is to show the effects of pursuance of such science on behavioral neuroscience, immersive neuroscience, multiversal neuroscience and neuroeconomics. The behavior is often a problem in the society. Society is the exterior of the collective of the living beings whereas culture represents its interior (Ken Wilber). The collective is a conglomeration of individuals with different nature and character. Nature has its base in the cognitive domain while characteristic expression in behavior depends on the neural infrastructure. Behavior is quite often a problem in social science and the common advice “behave yourself” has found its place in almost all human institutions. Behavior is also a problem for science as a whole, as exemplified by professional misconduct, wilful suppression of research data, plagiarism, predatory journalism and retro-publication etc. When behavior creates issues and problems, we look for its solution. This paper is on how the science of divinity could help us to get rid of the undesirable behaviour and bring a behavioural revolution following a radical change in nature on the basis of immersive neuroscience and multiversal neuroscience. Another beneficial spin off is tapping of the fountainhead of multiversal neuroeconomics for appropriate decision making behavior in issues related to economics.

Nature And Character

In the context of social science, behaviour constitutes the characteristics of the being. Behaviour is in observable plane. Nature of a person is in his interior, which is not observable. The outwardly expressed character might be thus different from what is there in his/her nature. When you are asked to look into an object/subject, you are asked not only to observe but also to see. You observe the outward character but you see the inner nature. Character is what is expressed. Nature is what is within (Figure1).

Figure 1 :Of the two well-known evolutionary scientists, Charles Darwin could be described as one who sees for a generalised theory of evolution while Jean Baptiste Lamarck, a keen observer of outward characteristics offering a solid situational theory.

In the context of systems psyche [3], in line with the five private facets of ‘self’ there are five primary cognitive traits of nature namely, Lovely, Sexual, Egoistic/Egotistic, Life-full/Lively and Deathly/Deadly. This is in accordance with the dominance of respectively five elementary phenomena namely Love, Sex, Ego, Life (Birth) and Death, which leave their imprints on the surface of “self” when this faculty of self gets separated from unboundful consciousness to work within the systems, as chief executive officer (CEO) of consciousness. These five private facets of self are the primary motivational pivots of the being. Nature of a subject, indeed, could be a mixture of one two or all traits. For example, those who run by a fear of extinction/death consciously restrain from infidelity in sex (thanatophobia) and consolidates ego but remains unkind to many fellow beings during the pursuit of his goal are usually labelled as Egoist. On the other hand, there are people who invest (life) their ego in a larger cause for the betterment of people (love), might be labelled as Egotist (Figure 2).

Figure 2: This is a tentative portraying of four high riders in history according to their nature; Sir Winston Churchill a conservative Egoist, Adolf Hitler a revolutionary Egoist, Charles de Gaulle a conservative egotist and Vladimir Lenin a revolutionary Egotist.

In contrast, there are four primary neuropsychological traits of character on the observable side depending on the dominance of basic neuro-infrastructure of the being during expression of behavior. According to this expression, one might be labelled as Emotional (limbic brain predominance), Intellectual (associative cortex and frontal lobe predominance), Mystical (supracortico-cortical systems predominance), and Executive (cortical, pyramidal and extrapyramidal systems predominance). Any being is usually an admixture of all traits of nature and character with dominance of one or the other.

Consciousness Paradigm

Science investigates nature. In the context of the paradigm of consciousness the nature of consciousness has been called Mother Nature. Mother Nature is the source of all natures and operates as the executive front, mobile pole and kinetic facet of consciousness. When one’s nature becomes Mother Nature, one is identical with unconditional Consciousness.

The relation of Consciousness and Mother Nature is observably depicted in the relationship between what in spiritual science is the relationship between Brahman and God. In spiritual science, unqualified consciousness is Brahman. In the cosmological scale, this could be synonymous to the Essence of the Multiversity, the Essence, from which several universe(s), the multiverse have been originating and in which several have been annihilating as well. The aura of this ultimate Source has been termed divinity. Personification of this ultimate Source has been called God, in whom the aura of this Source has acquired a distinct form in the space time domain.

Across the nature described as spaceless timeless emptiness and nothingness [1], Mother Nature exists between God and Brahman! From the domain of Mother Nature, extends superficially the cognitive organ, consisting of extraordinary constellation of operating Consciousness, Self (CEO of Consciousness within the system), “Life” in subtle form as life-principle, Mind and different Information-states. Within the cognitive organ both faculty of self and life report independently to consciousness. Mind reports to faculty of self. Mind is also the final common pathway from the cognitive world to the space time matter energy world and vice versa. Signal-information interconversion is executed by mind. Mind is sterile without consciousness. Mind works as an organ of communication between two conscious systems.

Mother Nature’s domain is deeper than the domain of “form”, the domain of Space and Time, Energy and Matter. In the domain of Mother Nature, one also comes across dark matter and dark energy and the glitters of various information states with specific geometry [4]. The tension between Consciousness and Mother Nature has a “vibratory” expression and in extra-celestial sense has been identified as the “vibratory” AUM, the seed Mantra, conveying the seed information on the Divine, which in the space time world has been called the NAME of God.

Science Of Divinity With Triple Transcendence

The science of divinity has been described with three levels of transcendence as shown in the following Table 1.

Level of Transcendence From where to Where Transition of Science
From To From To
Transcendence I Cause Time Space Pleasure Silence Stillness Emptiness Nothingness Quantity Absence of Quantity
Transcendence II Silence Stillness Emptiness Nothingness Immortality Eternity Infinity Ananda Absence of Quantity Quality
Transcendence III Immortality Eternity Infinity Ananda The Ultimate Source. The Essence of the Multiversity Quality Not-qualifiable state of Consciousness

Table 1: On the Level of Transcendence, From where to Where and concomitant Transition of Science

Implicit in the table are the existence of layers between quantity at the observable and measurable level and quality at the level of perception. Also implicit are the layers between quality at the perceptual level and un-qualifiable state of unconditional consciousness. The author presumes that the layers could be defined better as we learn more about different information states, dark matter and dark energy.

Like normal behavior, abnormal behavior is also in the observable plane. What is labelled as “abnormal” behavior happens due to “abnormal”/faulty cognition. Cognitive fault creates faulty perception. The effects of such perception are stored which might be compared to spam mails, junk mails, uncalled-for mails from social forum and promotional mails. This might create information overload, information chaos, information conundrum and cross connections between several such information foci inside the brain resulting in faulty expression in the behavior by the event-making cognitive faculty, the mind.

The Practical Steps in the Science of Divinity helps to get Back to the Originality

Following the preparatory phase which includes choosing the desired school, getting the teacher of choice and acquisition of knowledge on divinity, there are three practical steps.

Most of the problems termed as abnormal behavior originate in memory. Memories are of three categories; digitized memory and non-digitized but factorizable memory of some information stored in the mind, non-digitized and non-factorizable episodic memory stored initially by the faculty of self and then re-posited within the faculty of “life” and existential memory stored inside the faculty of “self”. Signal is digitized. Information-as-such is nondigitized but factorizable (content, intent and uncertainty reduction ability). Knowledge is non-factorizable and nondigitized. Experience is manifold of non-factorizable and nondigitized information stored in the fabrics of life [4].

Cleansing of Mind of unwanted digitized Memory while achieving First Transcendence

This is like Clerkship/Internship to get the graduate degree. Taking a conscious position, the faculty of self could delete from the mind and brain-infrastructure much of the digitized information stored as spam mail, junk mail and unwanted mail from social forum, and as promotional mail. This will also create additional storage space for new memory. This will save from cross connectivity and assumption of autonomy by some information within the systems. The procedure also deletes programs based on digitized information which are not wanted, not useful and corrupting. However, only by the process of transcendence, non-digitized but factorizable memory of some information could be got rid of.

Cleansing Of Life Of Unwanted Non-digitized Memory While Achieving Second Transcendence

This is like doing postgraduation in divinity, strengthening the true knowledge, deletion of false, useless knowledge and experiences, learning practical methods and acquisition of new experiences. Knowledge is nondigitized and nonfactorizable information. Experience is the manifold of such information laid down in the fabrics of life. Such cleansing necessitates conscious alignment of one’s nature with Mother Nature. Correction of undesirability/abnormality in behaviour is subject to correction of inner nature. Inner nature could get readied to spring back to its originality when this nature is placed in tune with Mother Nature. One takes the interior position. This is the beginning of spirituality. Spirituality is dwelling of self in the nature of consciousness. Nature of consciousness has been called Mother Nature. With appropriate posture, spine erect and head straight, one has to expose oneself consciously for considerable duration to Mother Nature’s blessings, Neutrino shower! Neutrino shower is a reality and is not a fiction [5]. Trillions of neutrinos fly through our body every moment. One has to just align with it. How neutrino alters the brain-electric is a frontier issue in DeepNeuroscience. That the brain-electric could be altered by neutrino shower through electro-weak interaction has been suggested by the author [6]. This step helps to clean the information manifolds, the experiential memory reposed in the faculty of life, and facilitates addition of new freshening experiences by immersive learning (Figure 3). If we can mechanize the procedure by means of a machine, then we are truly on the verge of constructing a brain-washing machine!

Figure 3: On the left side, a person is drowning in the pool of water. On the right side, the person is immersed in the shower of Mother Nature. Both are examples of experiential learning where immersive neuroscience comes in. It spontaneously initiates self-directed learning with identification of context and understanding the relevance.

This kind of experiential learning creates reflection within, and stimulates self-directed learning identifying the context and understanding the relevance of changing the behavior permanently. Cleansing and immersive learning make many hither-to-interfering non-digitized knowledge programs non-interfering. One could get rid of the past experience of hurt, grudge, resentment and low self-esteem, which prevent the programs of devotion and love to become fully functional for the subject. One will learn to forgive self for the past misdeed, acknowledge one’s limitation and realise one’s worth. This is the immersive neuroscience at the intellectually highest comprehensible level. The procedure should be of considerable duration for exploiting the property of neural plasticity with long term potentiation of the synapses.

Cleansing of Self of unwanted existential Memory while achieving Third Transcendence

This is like doing super specialty course in divinity without forgetting the basics. To get rid of existential memory, circularity of Time, (e.g., reverberating memory circuits in the brain) and causal chain (cause and effect informational chain) is not that easy. This could be achieved by situational learning, drowning one’s faculty of self in the Essence of the Multiversity with subsequent inside-out and outside in phenomena. Inside-out and outside-in phenomenon takes care of existential memory, circularity of Time and causality chain. The outcome of this kind of situational learning out of outside-becoming-in at the highest intellectually comprehensible level of the Essence of the Multiversity is an ontologically-reversed-neuroscience, a variant of multiversal neuroscience as depicted in the science of CosmoNeurology [7]. One is then in a position to make full use of the program of Love which is present in every being by default but was not fully operating because of non-transcendence of other interfering programs. Since by means of such situational experience one learns Mother nature’s economics thoroughly, one is posited at the fountainhead of neuroeconomics what Paul J Zak [8], Director of Centre for Neuroeconomic Study has been pursuing for the space time world. The emergence will be a kind of multiversal neuroeconomics where wisdom is transmitted unaltered as signal. There is abundance of neurohormones, oxytocin and ACTH, in the brain and blood [9], for building trust and resonance with the scientists, spiritualists and humanists while interacting in Third person’s perspective with First person’s experience.

Concluding Remarks and Perspectives

While pursuing the science of divinity we have described an alternate way of categorisation of the personality traits with admixture of nature- and character-traits. Whether this will help in deep psychoanalysis of various patients with psychological disorders is a matter for further investigation. Relation between quantity and quality, quality and unqualifiable state have layers in between which merit further investigation. Three practical steps for progress in the science of divinity has been described in terms clerkship, postgraduation and super-specialization by handling respectively of different kinds of information states at three different level of transcendence. Terminologies such as immersive neuroscience and neuroeconomics have come into vogue recently. The depth science of such frontiers is the need of the hour. To be immersed into self-directed or machine-directed neutrino-shower of Mother Nature opens up a totally different perspective for immersive neuroscience. It calls for innovation of a “brain-washing” machine! DeepScience of CosmoNeurology speaks for ontological reversal with Power bestowed on Consciousness while the brain operates as an organ for manifestation of consciousness. This leads to Multiversal neuroscience and ontologically-reversed neuroscience. This new Worldview leads us to the threshold of two revolutions, behavioural revolution of the humanity following pursuance of divinity and as its consequence, an economic revolution in the society.


I acknowledge Dr. Ashok Kumar, Faculty Member of North DMC Medical College and Hindu Rao Hospital, for encouraging me by discussion while making the first draft of the paper.

Conflict of Interest

There is no conflict of interest in writing this paper.


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