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Journal of Neurology and Brain Research (JNBR)

The Science of Divinity Part II: Triple Transcendence Sketching out the Pathway for a Science of Consciousness

Short Commentary


A. K. Mukhopadhyay

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

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Corresponding Authors

A. K. Mukhopadhyay
Email :mukhoak1953@gmail.com
Received : December 14, 2020
Published : December 29, 2020

Requirement Of Love, Devotion And Faith For Such Transcendence

Faith is required for first transcendence, Devotion for the second, and Love for the third. To state it more clearly, Love for the Divine supports first, second and third transcendence. Devotion to the Divine supports first and second transcendence. Faith on the Divine supports first transcendence. Second transcendence strengthens Faith. Third transcendence strengthens devotion and faith both. Importance of Faith Devotion and Love, has been described in my earlier paper titled, “The Science of Spiritual Psychology” [2] and I have described their psychoneurobiology in the paper titled, “Emergence of Homo Spiritualis: of Essential Requirements - Faith, Devotion and Love: Deep Science of their Psychoneurobiology” [3].


In response to my publication of the Guest Editorial piece titled, “The Science of Divinity”, in Archives of Neurology & Neuroscience [1] Chris Nunn, the British Psychiatrist and the author of the book, New Directions in Consciousness Studies, e-mailed to me, “Mystical experience is indeed a fascinating topic that allows glimpses of Reality”. More fascinating is, how such glimpses of Reality could be made into research hypothesis for science!

My above mentioned paper [1] brings out following five points.

1. It is possible to translate First person’s experience of divinity into Third person’s perspective.

2. Three characteristics of divinity could be spelled out as, “Transcendence, Peace, and Alluring charm of an effulgent and resplendent, which is effectively soothing”.

3. The paper defines respective domain of science, spirituality, mysticism, religion and God.

“Science investigates nature. Spirituality deals with the nature of consciousness. Mysticism is engagement with consciousness. Religion is based on gods, goddesses and prophets. Spirituality looks for the sources of such gods, goddesses and prophets. Divinity is the Source of all such gods, goddesses and prophets. In the unifying context of Science, Humanity and Spirit, God is the personification of the Source”.

4. While most of the advocates of transcendence stop having the followers achieved the first transcendence, and leave the subjects in vacuum (may be letting them loose for self-organization, ignoring the possibility of their reverting back to space time domain again), the said paper speaks of second transcendence to sub-vacuum. While the first transcendence is from cause time space and pleasure into silence stillness, emptiness and nothingness, the second transcendence begins from silence stillness, emptiness and nothingness and proceeds towards immortality, eternity, infinity and Ananda.

5. The creative outburst as outcome of such experience of divinity could happen following the second transcendence as a result of resonance between the subject and the divinity. “The outcome of the experience of divinity is massive as observed in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective (attitudinal) transformation of the individual with neuro-cardiac entrainment and enactment. There is a creative outburst. The scientists draw out new theories and hypotheses; formulate new research questions in their respective discipline of expertise. Creative activity with psychomotor transformation leads to development of new simple indigenous technology. The profound attitudinal transformation leaves the footprints of such experience on environment and ecology, society (“collective and exterior”) and culture (“collective and interior”)”. In this paper on the part II of divinity, we will speak of triple transcendence, with addition of a third transcendence from immortality, eternity, infinity and Ananda to the complete unconditionality and will translate this into some model that could be investigated further.

What Is Third Transcendence?

Objectively speaking, the third transcendence is transcendence to the consciousness unqualified, consciousness unconditional, the Source! The Source is unqualified and undifferentiated quality that is transcendental and is immanent as an alluring charm of an effulgent and resplendent, which is effectively soothing. As an Objective Reality (OR) for science, the Source is identical with the Essence of the Multiversity, the Essence from which several universe(s) have originated and in which several universe(s) would annihilate.

Description of the process of Third Transcendence

The process of Third Transcendence happens by means of outside-in and inside-out phenomena for development of qualitative identity with the Source.

“I had been to God!

With His nod,

I went inside

Came back to my site,

With inside-out

And, outside-in.

I became

What originally I had been!” – The Millennium Bridge, 2000, p.9

We are reminded of German poet and scientist Goethe’s view on creation which calls for an inside-out phenomenon.

The Outcomes Of Three Transcendence

The outcomes of transcendence are expressed in the behavior. The outcome of first transcendence is absence of observable cause time space and pleasure and the presence of silence stillness, emptiness and nothingness in the behavior. The outcome of second transcendence is the resonance with the Objective Reality (OR), the Divine, manifested in behavior as outburst of creativity. The outcome of third transcendence is personification of unconditionality and undifferentiated primordial quality. The subject appears as the personified Divine within subjective limits. In the presence of such person, creative outbursts appear in the second/third person posited in the phase of second transcendence. The peace of silence, stillness emptiness and nothingness appear in third person posited towards the phase of first transcendence.

Science Emerging Out Of Three Transcendences

While describing three transcendences we have played with twelve (one dozen of) words, which qualify consciousness in particular. Consciousness cannot be defined. It can be qualified. Consciousness is immortal, eternal and infinite and is experienced in biology as ‘Ananda’, the ecstasy of divine perfectness. Which does not satisfy these criteria is not consciousness! Infinite but not immortal, immortal but not infinite, eternal but not infinite and like all such - are not consciousness. The consciousness, by definition, is immortal, eternal, infinite, biologically experienced as Ananda.

A number of questions crop up. What is immortal, what one means by eternal and what is infinite? What is that which produces Ananda, an experience of ecstasy in limbic nuclei of the brain? The cardinal sign of immortality is ceaseless creation, - the CAUSE of everything. The eternal is that which is independent of any TIME. All times are swallowed in it. That is infinite to which everything else looks finite, limited by SPACE. Thus the physical qualifications of consciousness transcend SPACE, TIME and CAUSE. In the life line, Ananda transcends PLEASURE.

The mind which is unable to bridge the gaps between non-transcendentals and transcendentals finds here cosmic disillusionment and experiences near-death. In between four pairs of transcendental and non-transcendental descript, there exist four additional respective phases of descriptions. In between cause and immortality, there is SILENCE, in between time and eternity there is STILLNESS, in between space and infinity there is EMPTINESS. NOTHINGNESS stands and bridges the gap between pleasure and Ananda.

The physicists have described twenty four fundamental building blocks for matter; three quark doublets, three antiquark doublets, three lepton doublets and three antilepton doublets. For developing the science of consciousness, the scheme could be built up with twelve words (Figure1).

Figure 1: Consciousness cannot be defined. It can be qualified. The phenomenon of consciousness has been constructed over triple transcendence from the base camp of cause space time and pleasure with only twelve descriptive words. On the left side of the figure are shown the scopes of classical, “new” and deep physics opening up in the Essence of the Multiversity. On the right side of the figure is shown the scope of ‘life” with DeepNeuroscience transcending modular cortex through “death” experience to the experience of immortality eternity infinity and Ananda at the boundary of the brain. Consciousness operates on the brain from supracortical domain.

Making The Construction More Useful For Science

With this construction, our preoccupation with only space and time in physics and mathematics of the multiverse must crumble and our construction should include other elements as well! We now know how space time cause (a sense of purpose) and life-line are related to the science of consciousness. Consciousness remains inseparably wedded to Mother Nature. Mother Nature could be stated as the executive front, mobile pole, kinetic facet of consciousness. She is the nascent nature from which the rest of the nature has germinated. Mother Nature will be eventually connected with certain forceful energy particles in her observable domain, which would operate as phenomenal hands of Her.

From the vast ocean of factual data in high energy particle physics, we have to pick up four and only four which can replace the four intermediate phases of transcendence, and could be responsible for making a major breakthrough in silence, stillness, emptiness and nothingness. The criteria set are as follows. The energy particles are,

  1. Wave package of particle/energy, which are chargeless and massless.
  2. Beyond the polar opposites such as particle and antiparticle at the quantum domain.
  3. Abundant in this universe, present in small as well as large scale of nature, cosmic and earthly, long-lived, and available ad libitum to everything and to all.
  4. Operate at deeper plane than cause, time space, energy.
  5. Which could exist across zero-point energy (ZPE), i.e., on both (superficial and deep) sides of Einstein’s cosmological constant.

Applying the above mentioned criteria, it is easy to choose conformon, phonon, photon and neutrinos as the physical attributes of Mother Nature in the zone of silence, stillness, emptiness and nothingness respectively. In the zone of immortality, eternity, infinity and Ananda, these could be conformon-equivalent of consciousness (Conf-E-C), phonon- equivalent of consciousness (Phon-E-C), photon-equivalent of consciousness (Phot-E-C) and neutrino-equivalent of consciousness (Neut-E-C), as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2: Mother Nature is the executive front/mobile pole/kinetic facet of consciousness. Conformon, Phonon, Photon and Neutrinos are considered phenomenal hands of Mother Nature. The particles replace words of figure one like silence, stillness, emptiness and nothingness respectively, but join hands with cause time, space and pleasure. Following the second transcendence, those energy particles are observed respectively as conformon-equivalent of consciousness (Conf-E-C), phonon-equivalent of consciousness (Phon-E-C), photon-equivalent of consciousness (Phot-E-C) and Neutrino-equivalent of consciousness (Neut-E-C). On the right side of the figure, shown is the nested hierarchy of nature-consciousness starting at the base from nest I & II (cause time, space, pleasure) leading to the nest V at the depth consciousness-Mother Nature.  

It is possible to visualize the whole scenario in the context of the Whole, with consciousness Mother Nature at the depth, boundary of the unit like systems universe, Zero-point Energy, other cognitive faculty such as self, life and mind. We are near to physical structure of information holograph (Figure 3). In this proposed scheme to describe the information holograph, one observes a harmony in operation of Einstein‘s Photon, Cooper‘s Phonon, Prigogine‘s Conformon and Pauli‘s Neutrino on the “self” of another unit systems. Why self? Because, the faculty of self represents consciousness within the systems. In the new emerging worldview, conformon phonon, photon and neutrino are the phenomenal hands of Mother Nature operating as an executive front  of consciousness.

Figure 3: The Source and the Structure of Information Holograph is Consciousness-Mother Nature. Note that Conf-E-C, Phon-E-C, Phot-E-C and Neut-E-C are across zero-point energy (space empty of matter). Conformon conveys “information” on the conformity of the Whole. Phonon conveys “information” on the rhyme of the Whole. Photon conveys “information” on the dynamicity of the Whole. Neutrinos conveys “information” on the openness of the Whole. All of them converge on the cognitive faculty, “self, to which the mind reports. Self can move from material nest to unconditional nest of nature-consciousness. So also, is ”life”. In the Essence of the Multiversity, “life” remains as life-principle. Proto life-form originates in the material plane. Life also acts as a cognitive faculty and is the repository of experiences as information manifolds. Information-crystal represents the wisdom, the sublime experience, and exists on the boundary of the systems (universe). There is no experience or information in any form in the unconditional consciousness.

Probable Applications Of Information Holograph

Probable applications of information holograph could be found in the context of (i) cosmology (“Akashic” way of communication) (ii) cell biology of living system (how autonomy of “life” and automated molecular robots cohabit within a cell) (iii) in the context of the brain as the brain-vacuum interaction and neutrino-brain interaction, (iv) across the boundary of the living systems and (v) in the mechanism how a unicellular slime mould produces pattern identical with the matter web that connects the galaxies. The issue has been discussed in author’s earlier paper [4].

Concluding Remarks

We are at the threshold of several new formations. More our brain absorbs divinity from the essence of the Multiversity, more will be such new formations. The DeepNeuroscience, the agenda-setting neuroscience of twenty first century, is to examine and investigate such issues.


I acknowledge Dr. Ashok Kumar, Faculty Member of North DMC Medical College and Hindu Rao Hospital, for encouraging me by discussion while making the first draft of the paper.

Conflict of Interest

There is no conflict of interest in writing this paper.


1 Mukhopadhyay AK. “The Science of Divinity”. (2020) 9. ANN.MS.ID.000712.
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