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DeepNeuroscience: The Way the Brain needs to be Looked into

Journal of Neurology and Brain Research

Article Type: Research Article

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Neuroscience is not a stand-alone discipline. The brain interacts with outside environment at different depths of nature. Neuroscience is embedded in cognitive science, which in turn is embedded in cosmology and astrophysics. Science of various information-states is the key to go about their operation. Five different areas have been specified with innovative ideas and review of presently available knowledge in the literature namely, cognition, behavior, dark energy, consciousness and layers between signal and consciousness. On the basis of these ideas several research questions and research statements have been made. What is in demand is innovative technology in addition to existing neuroimaging techniques and computational neuroscience; for example, new clinical skill for cognitive analysis, brain inter-netting, a kind of mechanization mimicking ‘psyche’ that runs by not force, energy or field, but by means of ‘will’ and intention, a technology that could harness dark energy as visible energy and another new technology that could help healing. All said and done, this is the time to change the way we look into the brain and penetrate into the depth of neuroscience to analyze the brain, cognition and behavior in the context of the multiversal whole.

DOI: 10.47755/2766-9661.1000101