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Journal of Clinical Case Studies and Reviews

ISSN: 2766-9556

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Comparison of Speech Outcomes in Unilateral and Bilateral Pediatric Cochlear Implants- Our Experience

Journal of Clinical Case Studies and Reviews

Article Type: Research Article Volume 2 | Issue 2

Bhavya BM1,2* , Neeraj Suri1 , Trupti U Bhat1 and T Saikrishna Teja1

Objectives: The aim of our study is to compare the outcomes in unilateral and bilateral cochlear implants in pediatric age and also between simultaneous and sequential surgery.

Material and Methods: This retrospective study was carried out with 83 children aged which included 41 children with bilateral Cochlear implants and 42 with unilateral implants. Out of these 41 children 21 were simultaneous and 20 were sequential. All children were operated at civil hospital Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. SIRS, CAP scores, speech perception in quiet and noise, sound localization and comprehension were assessed at regular intervals over the period of 4 years. Also, drug administration time, surgical time, operating room time were assessed for simultaneous and sequential surgery.

Results: Children with bilateral implants fared significantly better with sound localization, speech comprehension and speech production tests, expressive language subscales than unilateral implants with a significant difference (p=0006) of means t tests between the two groups. Children with simultaneous bilateral implants achieved significantly higher scores in vocabulary outcomes and expressive language subscales than those with sequential bilateral implants. Simultaneous Surgery is associated with reduced surgical time, operating room time, it shortens the total in patient stay. There is less of drug administration and both ears get stimulated simultaneously.

Conclusion: Bilateral Cochlear implants are associated with better expressive language and receptive language when compared with unilateral implants, these differences were not statistically significant when simultaneous and sequential implants were compared but simultaneous surgery is better and safe option for pediatric cochlear implantation.

DOI: 10.47755/2766-9556.100111